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East India butter shortbread with clotted cream

30 Aug

I really wish I could have a butter and clotted cream shortbread with my tea now. But I can’t because I ate them all.

I was sent a packet of Butter Shortbread with Clotted Cream by the East India Company a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I opened the packet and started munching on the biscuits, I knew I was in trouble. I adore shortbread but even more so when it contains clotted cream. Unfortunately, I have a REAL taste for anything creamy and buttery.

The biscuits are pale in colour and slightly chewy. At first the texture reminded me of biscuits that have just started to go stale but I realised quite quickly that the clotted cream makes them chewier than usual. Apparently they were a favourite of Queen Victoria and go great with afternoon tea. I wouldn’t know if they do because I ate them all before I even had a chance to think about afternoon tea.

The packet that they come in is pretty too and I would definitely not shove it to the back of the biscuit cupboard. The plate design, according to the small print on the back, is typical of 18th Century art and craft influences. It’s delicate and ornate and I really like it.

The company also has a fascinating history. I had a great insight into this when I read Kavey’s blog recently.

At £5.25 for 150g packet, they’re a little bit on the expensive side. And although they probably wouldn’t be a permanent fixture in my biscuit tin, I’d sure buy a few and get them out along with my best tea set for special guests.


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