Month: April 2011

Pollen Street Social

Living in London has changed my attitude to dining out. Going out for dinner in my hometown of Nottingham was a real treat – partly because there just isn’t the choice but also because the good restaurants are extremely expensive so dining out wasn’t quite so frequent. It is a lot more casual for me now. There is a plethora of fantastic quality, good value restaurants in London and sometimes it just makes sense to grab a bite to eat when I’m in town. I love it. Most of my usual haunts are based in Soho and it’s these restaurants that I would call ‘easily accessible’ – you can walk in off the street and be seated either immediately or not long after. Every now and again I do like to re-live the excitement of dining out that I used to get when I was a kid but I choose my restaurants wisely. There’s nothing I hate more than paying through the teeth for average food and a mediocre experience. I have been keeping a …

My new Silkie hen

I went to Chichester over the weekend to stay at my boyfriends parents house. They have a few hens happily roaming around their garden but wanted more so we took a trip to the farm. What I didn’t realise was that we would end up buying three and bringing them back to London with us. My boyfriend spent all of Saturday fashioning a pen for them so that we can keep them on our roof. They’re a cute little trio but my favourite is Silkie. She is a young’n at the moment but in three or so months we can expect her to lay delicious Bantam eggs. I’m in love.