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Magical Music: Todd Terje & Prins Thomas – Reinbagan

One of the most satisfying days of the week, Friday signals a time to wind down, relax and enjoy some hobby time. Today is no different – it’s the end of another busy week in the office and to be honest I’m looking forward to my day off before launching back into another busy week of work on Sunday!

I’m about to head out for one of my solo dinners in Melbourne CBD and have listened to this song a couple of times today. It sums up my mood perfectly – sleepy and in need of a bit of fun, but lazy fun.

It is taking me back to Bestival in 2007 when I first heard Norwegian DJ Todd Terje. Having just met my ex boyfriend of 6 years for the first time, we danced in the sunshine and sipped on pear cider whilst listening to Eurodans played by one of my favourite DJ’s, Greg Wilson. Ever since that sunny day, I have been in awe of Todd and always listen to his music when I’m in a relaxed mood. It’s Friday night – so sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy 5 minutes of Scandinavian bliss.

Todd Terje & Prins Thomas – Reinbagan

Drink Your Way to a Facelift With You BeauTEA

You BeauTEA
A sucker for skin products and a hot cup of tea, it’s no surprise that when I heard about a ‘beauty potion’ in the form of a berry infused tea that promises to generate active collagen properties and promote healthier hair, skin and nails, I couldn’t resist.

The creation of You BeauTEA came from a passion not dissimilar to mine – the love of a daily ritual, a hot cup of tea coupled with the desire to find a natural product and of course improve ones aesthetic.

After hearing that You BeauTEA’s natural ingredients were sourced from ethically sound suppliers in Japan, included regenerative, cleansing and hydrating properties that would help the body’s natural collagen levels, I didn’t care what it tasted like, I needed to get my hands on it, and quickly.

Much to my disregard, it tasted great and I couldn’t help but feel my skin was tightening and radiating with the very first sip I took.

While the added bonuses of You BeauTEA include a mixture of it being preservative and caffeine-free with nourishing Vitamin C properties, my favourite part is the active ingredients that encourages the body’s collagen level.

A cheaper and healthier way to beautiful skin, I’m going to stick with this one!

Priced at $29.99 AUD, with free worldwide shipping, you can purchase You BeauTEA in packs of 30 teabags online at here.